Chris Byrd Boxing Dvd Career Set

Chris Byrd Boxing Dvd Career Set


Boxing DVDs of Chris Byrd

Proudly presenting Chris Byrd Fights on Boxing DVDs.He started fighting at the age of 10 and was an outstanding amateur champion. Chris Byrd went on to win a silver medal as a middleweigh at the olympics. As a professional Chris Byrd won his first 26 boxing fights.These Chris Byrd Boxing DVDs is a must for all Boxing DVDs Collections.

Name: Chris Byrd
Alias: Rapid Fire
Birth Name: Chris Cornelius Byrd
Born: 1970-08-15
Birthplace: Flint, Michigan, USA
Nationality: US American
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Boxing Record: Won: 41Boxing Fights; Lost: 5 Boxing Fights; Drawn: 1; KO: 22 Knockouts; KO%: 54
Stance: Southpaw
Height: 6′ 0″   /   183cm
Reach: 74″   /   188cm

History of Chris Byrd Boxing Career Set

Career Set of Chris Byrd (born August 15, 1970) is a retired and former professional boxer. He is the former WBO and IBF heavyweight champion. His nickname is "Rapid Fire". Byrd began competing in the ring at age 10, and compiled an outstanding 275 wins in the amateur ranks. He was a three-time U.S. amateur champion (1989, 1991, and 1992). He was on the 1991 U.S. National boxing Team that became the first (and only) U.S. team to score a tie against the heralded Cuban team. Byrd won the silver medal in the 1992 Barcelona summer Olympics as a middleweight, losing to Cuba's Ariel Hernández in the final. Byrd turned pro on January 28, 1993, knocking out 10 of his first 13 opponents. Byrd moved up to heavyweight three fights into his professional career. Many have deemed Byrd's highly technical style of boxing (jabbing, fast hands, sporadic combination-punching, and evasive body movement) too boring for the heavyweight division. Regardless, Byrd was one of the world's best heavyweights from the late 1990s until his decline in the mid 2000s. Byrd remained undefeated for his first 26 fights, knocking off then-notable opponents like Phil Jackson, Lionel Butler ,cruiser Uriah Grant, Bert Cooper, Craig Peterson, Frankie Swindell, Jimmy Thunder, undefeated.




Chris Byrd Vs Dmitri Vilornov (Ama)
Chris Byrd Vs Chris Johnson (Ama)
Chris Byrd Vs Ariel Hernandez (Ama)
Chris Byrd Vs Waxxen Fikes
Chris Byrd Vs Arthur Williams
Chris Byrd Vs Tim Puller
Chris Byrd Vs Jeff Wooden
Chris Byrd Vs Lionel Butler
Chris Byrd Vs Biko Botowamungu
Chris Byrd Vs Uriah Grant
Chris Byrd Vs Craig Petersen
Chris Byrd Vs Bert Cooper
Chris Byrd Vs Jimmy Thunder
Chris Byrd Vs Elieser Castillo
Chris Byrd Vs Ike Ibeabuchi
Chris Byrd Vs Jose Ribalta
Chris Byrd Vs Vitali Klitschko
Chris Byrd Vs Wladimir Klitschko I
Chris Byrd Vs Maurice Harris
Chris Byrd Vs David Tua
Chris Byrd Vs Evander Holyfield
Chris Byrd Vs Fres Oquendo
Chris Byrd Vs Andrew Golota
Chris Byrd Vs Jameel Mccline
Chris Byrd Vs Davarryl Williamson
Chris Byrd Vs Jay Hieron (Exh)
Chris Byrd Vs Wladimir Klitschko II
Chris Byrd Vs Paul Marinaccio
Chris Byrd Vs Alexander Povetkin
Chris Byrd Vs Shaun George
Chris Byrd Vs Jerome Lebanner (Ufc)
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    The best Chris Byrd Career Set online...enough said

    Awesome boxer, even if he has a different style of boxing!! Thx for the great set!!!!!

    Awesome boxer, even if he has a different style of boxing!! Thx for the great set!!!!!
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