Aaron Pryor Boxing DVD Career Set

Aaron Pryor Boxing DVD Career Set


Proudly Presenting Aaron Pryor Boxing Fights on Boxing DVDs

Boxing DVDs of Aaron Pryor. Pryor was recently awarded recognition as the greatest light welterweight of the 20th century. Please note that Aaron Pryor Career Fight Sets in good condition is very rare. BoxingRoyalty is proud to present you with a  Aaron Pryor Career Fight Set that is good quality and even includes various clips and a rare fight against Herminio Morales.

Name: Aaron Pryor
Alias: Hawk
Born: 1955-10-20
Birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Nationality: US American
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Boxing Record: Won: 39 Boxing Fights; Lost:1 Boxing Fight; Drawn: 0; KO: 35 Knockouts; KO%: 90
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5′ 6½″   /   169cm

History of Aaron Pryor Boxing Career Set

Aaron "The Hawk" Pryor Career Set is one of the more exciting fighters of the 20th century. Unanimously considered one of the top three junior welterweight champions of all time, the story of his life outside the ring was almost as unstable as his life in the ring.Witnessing the human whirlwind that was Aaron “The Hawk" Pryor was like seeing Henry Armstrong….and the whirlwind has not been seen since. Pryor’s, frenetic, punch-a-second style endeared him to Boxing Fans around the world. To the chants of “Hawk Time, Hawk Time," Pryor brought one exciting moment after another to the crowds who thronged to see his Boxing fights during the 1980s.His pure animalistic behavior in the ring allowed you a peek into the heart of a man on the edge. Having his crew follow him around screaming "Hawk Time", Pryor was a very scary force. He was hungrier than any other fighter I have ever seen on film or in person. He was as raw a beast as they come, a man who truly didn't give a damn about anything. He would come forward for every second of every round tossing punches, each one intended to end the fight early.Aaron Pryor's 1981 all out war Knockout of the WBA number 2 rated undefeated power punching Dujuan Johnson , out of the famous Kronk Gym in Detroit, Michigan was chosen as Fight of the Year by "KO" magazine. This may have been Pryor's toughest fight. Pryor rose from a knockdown to stop the Detroit banger in the seventh round. In round two Aaron Pryor threw 115 punches.The Battle of The Champions, Pryor defeated the great Alexis Arguello by a knockout in 14 in front of an HBO audience. The Boxing fight was named Fight Of The Year and later the Fight Of The Decade by Ring Magazine. Aaron Pryor launched a busy attack that crumpled Arguello to the canvas and left him semi-conscious for a full four minutes. The defeated Arguello collapsed yet again on the way to his dressing room. He'd suffered a concussion and a cut under his eye that would require eight stitches. Pryor, with his prehistoric jaw and silent demeanor, seemed hardly fazed, even though he'd rapt punches that "would have decapitated most people," as Arguello's agent said later.The fight sparked debate, however, because of allegations that Pryor's trainer had introduced a bottle to revive him after round 12 so Pryor had to defend against Arguello again, this time winning by a knockout in 10 brilliant rounds in Las Vegas on September 9, 1983.



Aaron Pryor Vs Thomas Hearns (Ama)
Aaron Pryor Vs Jesse Valdez (Ama)
Aaron Pryor Vs Richard Tomcyzk (Ama)
Aaron Pryor Vs Juan Garcia
Aaron Pryor Vs Julio Valdez
Aaron Pryor Vs Nick Furlano
Aaron Pryor Vs Antonio Cervantes
Aaron Pryor Vs Lennox Blackmore
Aaron Pryor Vs Gaetan Hart
Aaron Pryor Vs Dujuan Johnson
Aaron Pryor Vs Miguel Montilla
Aaron Pryor Vs Akio Kameda
Aaron Pryor Vs Sang Hyun Kim
Aaron Pryor Vs Bobby Joe Young
Aaron Pryor Vs Alexis Arguello I
Aaron Pryor Vs Alexis Arguello II
Aaron Pryor Vs Gary Hinton
Aaron Pryor Vs Leonidas Asprilla
Aaron Pryor Vs Herminio Morales
Legendary Nights Vs Arguello Hawk Time Boxing Documentary
Aaron Pryor Two Clips Speaking On Sugar Ray Leonard

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    This guy just doenst seem to have any fear in him, they way he fights and the combo's he has in his arson is truely something to watch! Truely an awesome fighter and a great dvd set.....

    I'm a huge fan of Aaron:) He was relentless, and a legend. Loved watching his boxing fights. Not only did he have so much spirit and dramatic punches with purpose from so many different angles he is and will always be a WORLD CLASS Boxer...... Awesome Career Set!
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