Max Schmeling Boxing Career

Max Schmeling Boxing Career

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Name: Max Schmeling Boxing career Set
Alias: Black Uhlan of the Rhine
Born: 1905-09-28
Birthplace: Klein Luckow, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany
Died: 2005-02-02 - Age: 99
Nationality: German
Hometown: Brandenburg, Germany
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 6′ 1″   /   185cm
Reach: 76″   /   193cm

History of Max Schmeling Boxing Career

In America, he was regularly cast by boxing promoters as the cold-hearted, wicked invader, a puppet of Adolf Hitler and a hater of Jews. In Germany, Nazi propagandists portrayed him as a heroic symbol of German destiny and Aryan superiority. In no way was Max Schmeling any of these things. He was a quality prizefighter with reputable boxing technique and boxing skills, a solid right hand punch. In 1938, boxing heavyweight champion Joe Louis announced that he would indeed face Max Schmeling for the title. The rematch became an instant international sensation. Many clamored edgily for its happening, but others, afraid of international tensions and the possibility of Hitler taking over the championship, protested. The disagreement and ballyhoo led to the event becoming the most anticipated boxing match since the rematch between Dempsey and Gene Tunney, In contrast, Americans perceived Max Schmeling and his ties to Hitler as an understandable threat to those opportunities and ideals. When the German walked to the ring at Yankee Stadium on June 22, 1938, he did so under a hail of garbage thrown from the boxing stands. Ironically, it was a less humiliating barrage than what he experienced in the boxing ring. Joe Louis came out blazing in the first round and Max Schmeling tried to counterpunch as he had in the first bout, but to no avail. Driven into the boxing ropes and battered with a fusillade of short, crisp blows from every angle, Max Schmeling turned his back to his opponent and clutched onto the ropes, letting out a scream that years later many spectators could recall vividly. Max Schmeling would later claim that he screamed because he had been hit with a blow to the kidneys. Max Schmeling's knees buckled under the punishment and referee Arthur Donovan pushed Joe Louis away, beginning a count on Max Schmeling. Schmeling unwillingly stepped away from the ropes and Donovan allowed him to continue. A few punches later, the German was laying on the canvas. From then on, he was helpless. He rose but fell moments later and Donovan stopped the fight.

Max Schmeling Boxing DVDs

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