Terry Norris Boxing Dvd Career Set

Terry Norris Boxing Dvd Career Set

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Name: Terry Norris
Alias: Terrible
Born: 1967-06-17
Birthplace: Lubbock, Texas, USA
Nationality: US American
Hometown: Campo, California, USA
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5' 9½?   /   177cm
Reach: 68½?   /   174cm
Boxing Record: won 47 boxing fights (KO 31) + lost 9 boxing fights (KO 4) KO% 55.36

History of Terry Norris Boxing Career

A star baseball player during his high school years, Norris bypassed a career on the diamond for one in the ring, amassing a stellar 291-4 amateur record. Displaying a stunning combination of hand and foot speed as well as the ability to throw dizzying combos, Norris' athletic skill was a strange quality in the ring. After turning pro Norris compiled a record of twenty one wins and two losses before challenging Julian Jackson in Norris's first title fight. He beat future champion Steve Little for the NABF junior middleweight title in December, 1988, and defended once against Buster Drayton. His two losses were by unanimous decision to Derrick Kelley and a disqualification to Joe Walker when Norris hit Walker when Walker was down.
Norris challenged Julian Jackson for the WBA junior middleweight belt in July 1989. Norris seemed to win the first round, but a big second-round right cross from the champion knocked Norris out. Norris made it to his feet before the count but was deemed out of shape to continue by referee Joe Cortez. After winning three comeback boxing fights, with a victory over former welterweight champion Jorge Vaca, Norris traveled to Tampa, Florida, in March 1990 to challenge John Mugabi for the WBC junior middleweight title. Norris wasted no time in stopping the champion, flooring him twice in the first round - the second time for the full count - and thus starting what would be the first of three reigns as champion.


Terry Norris vs Mcgowen
Terry Norris vs Veronica
Terry Norris vs Dryer
Terry Norris vs Walker
Terry Norris vs Taylor
Terry Norris vs Drayton
Terry Norris vs Ward
Terry Norris vs Jackson
Terry Norris vs Mugabi
Terry Norris vs Leonard
Terry Norris vs Curry
Terry Norris vs Lally
Terry Norris vs Castro
Terry Norris vs Daniels
Terry Norris vs Taylor
Terry Norris vs Lowlar
Terry Norris vs Blocker
Terry Norris vs Waters
Terry Norris vs Gatti
Terry Norris vs Brown I
Terry Norris vs Campas
Terry Norris vs Brown II
Terry Norris vs Santana I
Terry Norris vs Santana II
Terry Norris vs Santana III
Terry Norris vs Gonzalez
Terry Norris vs Vaden
Terry Norris vs Pettway
Terry Norris vs Rios
Terry Norris vs Rupa
Terry Norris vs Velasquez
Terry Norris vs Sandoval
Terry Norris vs Mullings
Terry Norris vs Rosenblatt
Terry Norris vs Boudouani

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    Many many thanks my good friend, the Terry Norris 📀 dvd career set came today , haha! : ) I was about ready to give up, but it finally came . God bless you and many thanks . Happy Thanksgiving to you and i love the Terry Norris career set you sent me it’s great ! Your welcome to post my email on your website for everyone to see if you’d like regarding my satisfaction with the Terry Norris career set . Sincerely John C..

    Most amazing Terry Norris Set out there. Thx again!

    OK, so I bought 8 sets my first order and this is by far my favorite!! Some rare fights, quality is great overall, and all fights are nice and complete. I am most impressed with everything so far. We appreciate all your hard work on these sets..thx
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