Arturo Gatti Boxing Dvd Career Set

Arturo Gatti Boxing Dvd Career Set


Boxing DVDs of Arturo Gatti


Proudly presenting Arturo Gatti Fights on Boxing DVDs. Micky Ward and Arturo Gatti met in Connecticut in 2002, the ninth round of their Boxing fight contained more drama, heart and determination than some boxers produce in their whole Boxing Career. Gatti was the peoples champion and showcased the most thrilling boxing fights of his era. Now is your chance to take a ringside seat and lets get ready
to rumble with the best Arturo Gatti Boxing DVDs Fight Career Set.

Name: Arturo Gatti
Alias: Thunder
Born: 1972-04-15
Birthplace: Calabria, Italy
Died: 2009-07-11 (Age: 37)
Nationality: Canadian
Hometown: Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
Boxing Record: Won 40 Boxing Fights; Lost 9 Boxing Fights; KO 31Knockouts; KO% 76
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5′ 7½″   /   171cm
Reach: 70″   /   178cm

History of Arturo Gatti Boxing Career Set

Arturo "Thunder" Gatti Career Set (born April 15, 1972) is an Italian-Canadian former professional boxer. Gatti was born in Italy to Italian parents, but his family moved to Canada when he was young and he was raised in Montreal (borough of Montreal-Nord). He has lived in Jersey City, New Jersey since 1991–99.
Arturo Gatti was a affiliate of the Canadian National Team, and was training to stand for Canada at the 1992 Summer Olympics, but at age 19 (in 1991), he decided to turn pro instead. He began boxing professionally on the night of June 10, 1991, with a third round Arturo Gatti Career Set of Jose Gonzalez in Secaucus.
A star in some circles for his rampant bravery, tough heart, and for being the factual showstopper due to his now legendary come from behind stoppages. Arturo "Thunder" Gatti is said by many to be the most thrilling fighter in boxing history. He is most known for his keenness to take two or three punches to land one. There is never a boring moment in an Arturo Gatti fight, this generation's blood and guts warrior has come back from the verge of defeat more times than any boxer in recent history. Holds the record as the only fighter to have presented four times in Ring Magazine's "Fight of the Year". His three classic bouts against Micky Ward are known as one of the greatest trilogies in boxing history. On July 11, 2009, Gatti was found murdered in a hotel in Ipojuca, Pernambuco, Brazil. Gatti and his wife, Amanda Rodrigues, were on a second honeymoon with their 1 year-old son. Gatti's widow has been charged with first degree murder after the strap of her purse, used to strangle Gatti, was found stained with blood. Rodrigues could not explain how she spent more than ten hours in the hotel room without realising Gatti was dead. Former Brazilian boxing champion Acelino Freitas, who was a close friend of Gatti, claimed Gatti and Rodrigues were having problems and were about to split up. Arturo Gatti essentially left us a treasure chest of fights to prize for all times. He was one of those fighters we'll never forget, a warrior by whom all other warriors should be measured. What he lacked in speed or power or footwork or whatever he made up for in pure guts. There is no exaggerating Arturo Gatti unless you want to make him a video game character. He was everything that's been said of him and sometimes, he was more.



THE GIFT OF GATTI by sales106

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Arturo Gatti Vs De Jesus
Arturo Gatti Vs Suero
Arturo Gatti Vs Bostic
Arturo Gatti Vs Taliafero
Arturo Gatti Vs Salazar
Arturo Gatti Vs Sonabria
Arturo Gatti Vs Tovar
Arturo Gatti Vs Patterson I
Arturo Gatti Vs Rodriguez
Arturo Gatti Vs Correa
Arturo Gatti Vs Patterson II
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Arturo Gatti Vs Manfredy
Arturo Gatti Vs Robinson I
Arturo Gatti Vs Robinson II
Arturo Gatti Vs Munoz
Arturo Gatti Vs Gamache
Arturo Gatti Vs Jakubowski
Arturo Gatti Vs Hutchinson
Arturo Gatti Vs Oscar De La Hoya
Arturo Gatti Vs Millett
Arturo Gatti Vs Micky Ward I
Arturo Gatti Vs Ward II
Arturo Gatti Vs Ward III
Arturo Gatti Vs Branco
Arturo Gatti Vs Dorin
Arturo Gatti Vs Leija
Arturo Gatti Build Up TO Floyd Mayweather Jr
Arturo Gatti Vs Floyd Mayweather Jr
Arturo Gatti Vs Damgaard
Arturo Gatti Vs Baldomir
Arturo Gatti Vs Gomez
The Gift of Arturo Gatti
The Arturo Gatti BIO
The Death and mystery of Arturo Gatti

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    THANK YOU, Boxing Royalty, for your patient and personal service, in spite of all the restrictions during your Covid 19 Lockdown. I am so pleased to receive this set of dvds of the career of one of my boxing legends, the hugely talented yet tragic warrior, Arturo Gatti. Anyone who has someone in their family who hates boxing, or thinks it should be banned, they should be made to watch Gatti- Ward 1, including the end after the fight, showing the respect and camaraderie these two great fighters had for each other.

    Thunder! Thunder! What a guy!!! Awesome set!!! Thx....:)
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