Assault In the Ring Boxing Documentary

Assault In the Ring Boxing Documentary

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Boxing Documentary

Assault In the Ring revisits a boxing disgrace considered one of the sport’s worst hours, and follows a man’s miserable journey following his suspected involvement in a criminal scheme. The boxing documentary examines new evidence about this boxing match turned 30-minute assault, and reveals much more about the pre-fight actions of Luis Resto, his trainer Panama Lewis and the athletic commission representatives.
On June 16, 1983, undefeated prizefighter Billy Collins Jr. set out to execute every boxer’s dream of fighting in the world’s most famous arena – Madison Square Garden. Billy Collins’ opponent, Luis Resto of the Bronx, moving up from welterweight, had his own dream of mounting to the occasion in front of hometown fans. But what began as a boxing match that Nashville native Billy Collins was favored to win changed both athletes’ lives – ending Collins’ boxing career dreams and landing Resto in prison.
Resto apparently reached a fighter’s ultimate goal by upsetting Collins, but his post-fight victory carnival was short-lived when it was discovered that the padding had been illegally removed from Resto’s boxing gloves by his trainer, Panama Lewis, before the boxing fight. Resto was later imprisoned and expelled from the sport, while the viciously beaten Collins went into a tragic downward spiral.
Resto gives his account of the story in this boxing documentary. Lewis, whose official career as a trainer came to an end that night, was also later expelled, and speaks for the first time in Assault in the Ring about the events of the fight and their impact.

This set also includes the full fight between Billy Collins Jr vs Luis Resto

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    One of the saddest stories in the history of boxing. Luis Resto one of the biggest cheaters in boxing on par with Antonio Margarito, literally assaulted another boxer in the ring and paid the price for cheating. Must have documentary of the dark side of boxing that every boxing fan should have in their collection. Thanx BoxingRoyalty for also including the complete fight.
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