Bennie Briscoe Boxing Dvd Career Set

Bennie Briscoe Boxing Dvd Career Set

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Boxing DVDs of Bennie Briscoe

Proudly presenting Benny Briscoe Fights on Boxing DVDs. The Benny Briscoe Boxing Career Set is one of the most hard to get. "Bad" Bennie fought from 1962 to 1982, and retired with a career set record of 66 wins (53 by KO) 24 losses and 5 draws. Bennie was known for his durability, strong punch and body punching. Take your rinside seat by getting this Bennie Briscoe Fight Career Set and witness the Bad Bennie Briscoe in action.

Name: Bennie Briscoe
Alias: Bad
Born: 1943-02-08
Birthplace: Augusta, Georgia, USA
Died: 2010-12-28 (Age:67)
Nationality: US American
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5′ 9″   /   175cm
Boxing Record: won 66 Boxing fights (KO 53) + lost 24 Boxing fights (KO 1) + drawn 5

History of Bennie Briscoe Boxing Career Set

If Bennie Briscoe Boxing Career Set was never born, we would have invented him. With the courage of a lion, the perseverance of a beaver, and the indestructibility of a Sherman Tank, Bennie Briscoe was able to inflict havoc on the middleweight division for 20 years (1962- 1982). The boxing ring was his altar and worshiping fans packed venues all over the world to get a glimpse of the bald-pated, murderous body-punching fighter who according to his promoter, J. Russell Peltz, “slammed away at your foundation until it turned to chalk.” He was bigger than life and the image of what it meant to be a Philadelphia fighter—tough, relentless, resilient, unequivocal—bad! No fighter in the world was more devoted to breaking their opponent’s will and demolishing their spirit by doling out punishment to the body. Briscoe losing a 10-round unanimous decision, but earning the respect of a 24-year-old “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler, who wisely boxed on his toes refusing to engage the grizzled gladiator in a war of attrition. This spectacle also occurred at the Spectrum on August 24, 1978 in the presence of 14,950 fans, the largest indoor crowd in Pennsylvania for a non-championship fight. Briscoe always wore a Jewish "Star of David" on his boxing trunks. Boxing magazines and news reports in the early 1970s said he was practicing the "Jewish faith." In reality, it was because two of his managers, Jimmy Iselin and Arnold Weiss, were Jewish. Regarded as one of the best never to win a world title, Briscoe scored wins over Charley Scott, George Benton, Vicente Rondon, Kitten Hayward, Tom Bethea, Juarez DeLima, Carlos Marks, Rafael Gutierrez, Art Hernandez (for the NABF title), Billy "Dynamite" Douglas, Tony Mundine, Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, Eugene "Cyclone" Hart, Jean Mateo and Tony Chiaverini. He also lost and drew with Emile Griffith in two fights.




Bennie Briscoe vs Richardson
Bennie Briscoe vs Marks
Bennie Briscoe vs De Limma II
Bennie Briscoe vs Quinney
Bennie Briscoe vs Vinales II
Bennie Briscoe vs Monzon II
Bennie Briscoe vs Salinas
Bennie Briscoe vs Douglas
Bennie Briscoe vs Mundino
Bennie Briscoe vs Valdez II
Bennie Briscoe vs Emile Griffith I
Bennie Briscoe Shaw Interview
Bennie Briscoe vs Muhammed
Bennie Briscoe vs Hart I
Bennie Briscoe vs Hart II
Bennie Briscoe vs Villanueva
Bennie Briscoe vs Vinson
Bennie Briscoe vs Valdez III
Bennie Briscoe vs Antuofermo
Bennie Briscoe vs Chiaverini
Bennie Briscoe vs Marvin Hagler
Bennie Briscoe vs Love
Bennie Briscoe vs Mann
Bennie Briscoe vs Hollett

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    Loved the DVDs. best collection of Briscoe fights out there! Thanks a lot!

    Bennie Briscoe was so dedicated to his boxing career,

    Bennie Briscoe one of my all time favourite boxers>>>thanx for this set!!!!
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