Archie Moore Boxing Dvd Career Set

Archie Moore Boxing Dvd Career Set

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Boxing DVDs of Archie Moore

Proudly Presenting Archie Moore Boxing Fights on Boxing DVDs. Archie Moore was a genius in the ring and posessed tremendous power. He held the light heavyweight title for 11 years. It is recorded that Archie Moore had 130 knockouts during his boxing career set. Own your piece of boxing history by getting the Archie Moore Career Set right here right now.

Name: Archibald Lee Wright
Born:  December 13, 1913
Birthplace: Benoit
Nationality: American
Hometown: Missippi
Height: 1.80 cm
Won 185 Boxing Fights + lost 23 Boxing Fights

History of Archie Moore Boxing Career Set

Career Set of Archie Moore, born Archibald Lee Wright December 13, 1913. Heavyweight Boxing Champ who set the record for knockouts in a career and was the only boxer to fight both Rocky Marciano and Muhammad Ali; nicknamed "Old Mongoose" and "Ancient Archie," he held the light heavyweight title for 11 of the 27 years he boxed. Lost just four of 48 fights between 1935-38, won the light heavyweight title from Joey Maxim in 1952 at age 39, effectively defended his title against Maxim twice and Canadian Yvon Durelle twice plus once each against Bobo Olson, Yolande Pompey Troy Anthony and Guilio Rinaldi, was stripped of his title in 1962 due to inactivity, recorded 130 knockouts in his career. Moore was a clever and crafty boxer who knew how to fight:- His boxing "savvy" was uncanny, he could box and punch and was game beyond belief.


Archie Moore vs Smith
Archie Moore vs Bivens V
Archie Moore vs Davidson
Archie Moore vs Slade
Archie Moore vs Maxin I
Archie Moore vs Maxin II
Archie Moore vs Maxin III
Archie Moore vs Johnson V
Archie Moore vs Olsen
Archie Moore vs Rocky Marciano
Archie Moore vs Pompey
Archie Moore vs Patterson
Archie Moore vs Durelle I
Archie Moore vs Durelle II
Archie Moore vs Rinaldi II
Archie Moore vs Clay

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    This might look like a very old boxing set but believe me its well worth it!! Awesome for any boxing collection!!!!
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