Jack Dempsey Boxing Dvd Career Set

Jack Dempsey Boxing Dvd Career Set

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Boxing DVDs of Jack Dempsey

Proudley presenting Jack Dempsey fights on Boxing DVDs. Witness Jack Dempsey as he smashes through the rankings to get gold. It is well documented that Dempsey is to be in the top 5 Heavyweight boxing champions of all time. Get the Jack Dempsey Boxing DVDs Career Set now and take your ringside seat.

Name: William Harrison Dempsey
Born: 1895-06-24
Birthplace: Colorado
Nationality: US American
Hometown: USA
Height:185 cm
Won 66 Boxing Fights + lost 6 Boxing Fights

History of Jack Dempsey Boxing Career

Jack Dempsey Born in Manassa, Colorado on June 24, 1895. Jack Dempsey rose to sports stardom in the 1920s. Dempsey began boxing in the small mining towns of Colorado under the name "Kid Blackie." He emerged from numerous bars and floor-boxing matches to rein victorious in over 80 professional boxing fights by the age of 24. Dempsey was perhaps best known for his breathtaking knockout victories, many of which happend in just seconds of the fight’s onset. Dempsey proved his brilliant ability in a battle of "David and Goliath" match of fists. His iron strength and killer left hooks allowed Dempsey to beat Jess Willard in 1919, leaving the giant disorientated and crushed. This victory awarded Dempsey both the heavyweight title and the nickname of the "Manassa Mauler," the name that soon haunted potential opponents all around the country. Dempsey became a ring legend through his tough defense of his title six times in just seven years. In most of his matches, there were no survivors.
Dempsey’s boxing style bobbing up and down and moving from side to side as he delivered short swinging blows out of a crouch.  His constant movement and the speed of his attack constituted his defence.



 Jack Dempsey vs Willard
Jack Dempsey vs Brennan II
Jack Dempsey vs Carpentier
Jack Dempsey vs Gibson
Jack Dempsey vs Firpo
Jack Dempsey vs Tunney I
Jack Dempsey vs Sharkey
Jack Dempsey vs Tunney II

Jack Dempsey Boxing Documentaries
A Look Back
Boxing’s Best
Sports Century

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    Great little set from Boxing Royalty featuring Jack Dempsey, good quality and footage was very pleased to have received this collection. All of the discs worked perfectly and were in their correct order, great stuff, thank you so much.

    Awesome boxer, those days the guys really new how to fight without modernday medicines to help!!
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