George Foreman Boxing Dvd Career Set

George Foreman Boxing Dvd Career Set


Boxing DVDs of George Foreman

Proudly Presenting George Foreman Fights on Boxing Dvds. George Foreman known as the hardest punching that ever stepped into a boxing ring. Watch George Foreman as he showcases his boxing fights skills. Regarded by many casual boxing fans and experts as one of the greatest of all time to step in the ring. This George Foreman Boxing Career Set is a must have for all Boxing DVDs Fights collectors. All DVDs come with video motion menus and fights are labeled onto the DVDs. Don’t settle for less do it right the first time and get it right here right now at BoxingRoyalty.

Name: George Foreman
Alias: Big
Born: 1949-01-10
Birthplace: Marshall, Texas, USA
Nationality: US American
Hometown: Houston, Texas, USA
Boxing Record: Won 76 Boxing Fights; Lost 5 Boxing Fights; KO 68 Knockouts; KO% 89
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 6′ 3½″   /   192cm
Reach: 82″   /   208cm

History of George Foreman Boxing Career Set

George Foreman Boxing Career Set Born January 10, 1949, in Marshall, Texas. The fifth of seven children born to Nancy and J.D. Foreman, George was raised by his mother in a notoriously tough neighborhood outside of Houston, Texas. A rebellious teen, Foreman dropped out of junior high school and reverted to a life of petty theft, before joining the U.S. Job Corps in 1965. While stationed in Oregon, Foreman became infamous for his belligerent attitude, often picking fights with his fellow trainees. On the verge of expulsion, he met Job Corps supervisor Charles “Doc” Broadus, who saw promise in Foreman’s physical strength. Under the direction of Broadus, Foreman trained to be a boxer. With a devastating punch, Foreman fought in the amateur boxing circuit, spectacular record of 16 victories in 18 fights; by the age of 19, he qualified for the U.S. Olympic boxing team. In the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City, Foreman won the gold medal in the heavyweight class. The following year, he turned pro under the guidance of veteran trainer Dick Saddler. Foreman was a stablemate of former heavyweight king Charles "Sonny" Liston and Charlie Snips. Foreman idolized Liston and copied his ring style and mannerisms. Foreman used a piercing stare to intimated his opponents ala Liston. He was criticized for beating second rate opponents, yet had scored victories over credible fighters like George Chuvallo, Boone Kirkman, and Gregorio Peralta. During a 1973 historic bout, Foreman faced undefeated world Heavyweight champion Joe Frazier in Kingston, Jamaica, knocking him down no less than six times in two rounds and knocking him out in the second round in one of boxing history's biggest upsets to become the world champion. Foreman was sometimes characterized by the media as an aloof and anti-social champion. According to them, he always seemed to wear a sneer in his face during this time, and was at times not available to the press. Later that year, he continued his path of destruction by defending his title against Joe Roman and Ken Norton. Around this time, Foreman was widely considered to be the most physically empowered specimen and arguably the hardest hitter in the history of the sport. At this point many considered him to be the greatest heavyweight in the world. The following year, Foreman signed an unprecedented $5 million contract to fight Muhammad Ali in Zaire, Africa. Famously billed as the “Rumble in the Jungle,” Ali knocked out Foreman in the eighth round, causing one of the greatest upsets in boxing history. (More than two decades later, filmmaker Leon Gast brought the story of the Foreman-Ali bout to the screen in the 1997 Oscar-nominated documentary When We Were Kings.) In 1977, after losing a 12-round decision to Jimmy Young, Foreman experienced a self-proclaimed religious awakening. He immediately retired from boxing, and was ordained a minister by the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Directed by his newfound faith in Christianity, Foreman established his own church, counseled prisoners, and bought time on the radio to deliver his message. In 1984, he started the George Foreman Youth and Community Center. In 1987, Foreman ended a 10-year absence from the ring by winning the first of what would be 24 straight comeback fights. As a contender for the championship title against Evander Holyfield in 1991, the 40-year-old Foreman lost the bout by decision, but gained a wealth of respect from the boxing industry for his remarkable comeback. In 1994, Foreman recaptured the title in a dramatic victory over the reigning heavyweight champion, 26-year-old Michael Moorer. (To date, Foreman holds the notable distinction of being the oldest heavyweight boxing champion in history.)

There was a time when Foreman looked like an unstoppable force, clubbing his opponents with big, looping, bludgeoning blows. When he hit the heavy bag it was like a cannon blast. Foreman idolized Liston and copied his ring style and mannerisms. Foreman used a piercing stare to intimated his opponents ala Liston.

On this amazing George Foreman Boxing Fight DVD set you'll be able to witness the comeback kid's extraordinary career.



George Foreman Vs Alexi (Ama)
George Foreman Vs Wilson (Ama)
George Foreman Vs Chapulos (Olympic Final 1968)
George Foreman Vs Johnson
George Foreman Vs Judge
George Foreman Vs Daniels
George Foreman Vs Polite
George Foreman Vs Kirkman
George Foreman Vs Waldheim
George Foreman Vs Hazleton
George Foreman Vs Chuvalo
George Foreman Vs Peralta
George Foreman Vs Pires
George Foreman Vs Gullick
George Foreman Vs Paez
George Foreman Vs Frazier I
George Foreman Vs Roman
George Foreman Vs Norton
George Foreman Vs Muhammad Ali
George Foreman Vs Ballard(Ex)
George Foreman Vs Lyle
George Foreman Vs Frazier II
George Foreman Vs Le Doux
George Foreman Vs Young
George Foreman Vs Sekorski
George Foreman Vs Qawi
George Foreman Vs Cooper
George Foreman Vs Cooney
George Foreman Vs Jameson
George Foreman Vs Rodrigues
George Foreman Vs Lakusta
George Foreman Vs Evander Holyfield
George Foreman Vs Ellis
George Foreman Vs Stewart
George Foreman Vs Coetzer
George Foreman Vs Tommy Morrison
George Foreman Vs Michael Moorer
George Foreman Vs Schulz
George Foreman Vs Grimsley
George Foreman Vs Savarese
George Foreman Vs Briggs

George Foreman Boxing Fight Documentaries

Beyond The Glory
Sports Century
Legendary Nights
Blow By Blow
The Early Years
Champs Forever
Don King Unauthorized

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    Foreman is one of the alltime great boxers, What he did at his age is awsome and this is a great career set of foreman. I also liked the art work on youre dvd's
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