Jake LaMotta Boxing Dvd Career Set

Jake LaMotta Boxing Dvd Career Set

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Name: Giacobbe LaMotta
Born:  10 July 1921
Birthplace: Bronx
Nationality: American
Hometown: New York, USA
Height: 173cm
Won 83 Boxing Fights + lost 19 Boxing Fights

History of Jake Lamotta Boxing Career

Jake LaMotta was born Giacobe LaMotta on July 10, 1921 in the Bronx, New York. His father introduced him to boxing at a young age by forcing him to fight other kids in the neighborhood. He was sent to reform school for a while, but became a pro boxer in 1941.  LaMotta, who compiled a record of 83 wins, 19 losses and four draws with 30 KOs, was the first man to beat Sugar Ray Robinson, knocking him down in the first round of their first boxing fight and then outpointing him over the course of 10 rounds during the second boxing fight of their legendary six-bout rivalry.
On 14 November 1947, LaMotta was knocked out in four rounds by Billy Fox. Suspecting the fight was fixed, the New York State Athletic Commission withheld purses for the fight and suspended LaMotta.


Jake LaMotta vs Robinson VI
Jake LaMotta vs Hayes II
Jake LaMotta vs Murphy II
Jake LaMotta vs Kilgore
Jake LaMotta vs Cerdan
Jake LaMotta vs Dauthielle
Jake LaMotta vs Hairston
Jake LaMotta vs Hayes
Jake LaMotta vs Kilgore
Jake LaMotta vs Bell II
Jake LaMotta vs De John
Jake LaMotta vs Mitri
Jake LaMotta vs Robinson V2
Jake LaMotta vs Murphy
Jake LaMotta vs Nardico

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