Joe Louis Boxing Dvd Career Set

Joe Louis Boxing Dvd Career Set

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Boxing DVDs of Joe Louis

Proudly Presenting Joe Louis Fights on Boxing DVDs. Joe Louis is concidered by many as the greatest Heavyweight of all time. Get this JoeLouis Boxing Career Set now and witness his devestating punching power. We have also included loads of Joe Louis documentaries for free in this set for you.

Name: Joseph Louis Barrow
Born:  May 13, 1914
Birthplace: Lafayette
Nationality: American
Height: 1.88 cm
Won 66 Boxing Fights + lost 3 Boxing Fights

History of Joe Louis Boxing Career

Joseph Louis Barrow born May 13, 1914, better known as Joe Louis, was the world heavyweight boxing champ from 1937 to 1949. He is believed to be the of the greatest heavyweight of all time.
Joe Louis was the most potent and fastest punching heavyweight boxer in ring history. His great hand speed, particularly in combination, was awesome to behold. He had a powerful jab, threw every punch perfectly and with accuracy. His right cross, thrown short and straight, was sheer dynamite. The "Brown Bomber" never ducked anyone as his record 25 title defenses attests to. Of those 25 successful defenses, 21 were won by knockout, 17 of those were ten counts! 5 in the first round! He also knocked out six men who held the Heavyweight Boxing Championship of the World. From 1934 to 1949, when he first retired as Boxing champion, his record was 60-1 with 51 knockouts. He held the Heavyweight Boxing Championship for a record of nearly 12 years.
Louis had the perfect build for a fighter with long, smooth muscles which gave him great speed and reflexes. Though overlaid with racism, one of the top sportswriters of the 30's, Grantland Rice, described Louis as a "brown cobra" and referred to his "blinding speed" as the "speed of the jungle" and the "instinctive speed of the wild . Rice In Mead, Sports Illustrated Sept. 16, 1985 also compared Louis to a "black panther stalking his prey . His speed and power was explosive. Louis was a rare heavyweight who could throw a triple left hook with power as he did against Max Baer. In terms of hand speed, Louis, in his prime, ranks with the best in the division including Muhammad Ali.



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Joe Louis vs Levinsky
Joe Louis vs Baer
Joe Louis vs Ezcudun
Joe Louis vs Retzlaff
Joe Louis vs Max Schmelling I
Joe Louis vs Sharkey
Joe Louis vs Ettore
Joe Louis vs Pastor I
Joe Louis vs Braddock
Joe Louis vs Farr
Joe Louis vs Mann
Joe Louis vs Max Schmeling II
Joe Louis vs JH Lewis
Joe Louis vs Roper
Joe Louis vs Galento
Joe Louis vs Pastor II
Joe Louis vs Godoy I
Joe Louis vs Paycheck
Joe Louis vs Godoy II
Joe Louis vs McCoy
Joe Louis vs Baer I
Joe Louis vs Baer II
Joe Louis vs Conn I
Joe Louis vs Simon II
Joe Louis vs Conn II
Joe Louis vs Mauriello
Joe Louis vs Walcott I
Joe Louis vs Walcott II
Joe Louis vs Charles
Joe Louis vs Beshore
Joe Louis vs Argamonte II
Joe Louis vs Savold
Joe Louis vs Brion II
Joe Louis vs Marciano

Joe Louis Boxing Documentaries
Death of Joe Louis
Boxing’s Best
For All Time
America’s Hero Betrayed
The Joe Louis Story
Espn Ringside Part 1
Espn Ringside Part 2
Espn Ringside Part 3
Sports Century
Kings of The Ring
The Fight Louis vs Schmeling
The Brown Bomber

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    The added boxing documentaries of Joe Louis are great! Thanx and for such an old set i was impressed with the quality
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