Zab Judah Boxing Dvd Career Set

Zab Judah Boxing Dvd Career Set

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Name: Zabdiel Judah
Born: 1977-10-27
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, United States
Nationality: American
Hometown: USA
Height: 171 cm
Zab Judah Boxing Career Record 

History of Zab Judah Boxing Career

Zabdiel Judah was born on the 27th October 1977 and is an American professional boxer. Judah has won five world Boxing titles between the junior welterweight and welterweight divisions, and is a former undisputed welterweight Boxing champion. Screening the heart of a lion, Judah is also a former WBO junior welterweight champion and was ranked no 8 in the welterweight division by the media. After compiling an amateur record of 110–5, Judah turned pro in 1996. On February, 2000 Judah won the IBF junior welterweight title by defeating Jan Piet Bergman by fourth round knockout. He successfully defended the IBF title five times before losing to Kostya by second round technical knockout on November, 2001. Judah's actions after the fight, which included throwing a stool across the ring and sticking his gloved fist into referee Jay Nady's neck, resulted in him being fined $75,000 and receiving a six-month suspension. On July 12, 2003, Judah defeated DeMarcus Corley by split decision to win the WBO junior welterweight title. He made one successful defense of the WBO title before moving up to welterweight. One advantage Zab has over the younger champions in his weight class, he has what it takes it’s called skill fighting and takes the punches of men much bigger than himself.


Zab Judah vs N Frias
Zab Judah vs M Johnson
Zab Judah vs P Denard
Zab Judah vs T Crain
Zab Judah vs O Vasquez
Zab Judah vs J Salava
Zab Judah vs R Vasquez
Zab Judah vs D Sample
Zab Judah vs J Bergman
Zab Judah vs J Witter
Zab Judah vs T Millett
Zab Judah vs H Quiroz
Zab Judah vs R Green
Zab Judah vs A Vester
Zab Judah vs K Tszyu
Zab Judah vs O Weis
Zab Judah vs D Corley
Zab Judah vs J Rangel
Zab Judah vs C Spinks I
Zab Judah vs R Pineda
Zab Judah vs W Martell
Zab Judah vs C Spinks II
Zab Judah vs C Rivera
Zab Judah vs C Baldimor
Zab Judah vs F Mayweather Jr
Zab Judah vs R Davis
Zab Judah vs J Clottey
Zab Judah vs E Johnson
Zab Judah vs U Hernandez
Zab Judah vs JA Santa Cruz
Zab Judah vs Miguel Cotto
Zab Judah vs L Matthysse
Zab Judah vs K Mabuza
Zab Judah vs Amir Khan
Zab Judah vs Danny Garcia & Undercard
Zab Judah vs Malignaggi

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