John The Beast Mugabi Boxing Dvd Career Set

John The Beast Mugabi Boxing Dvd Career Set

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Proudly Presenting John Mugabi Boxing Fights on Boxing Dvd

Name: John Mugabi
Born:  Age 51
Birthplace: Uganda Kampala
Nationality: Ugandan
Hometown: Kampala
Height: 5′ 8½″ / 174cm
Won 42 Boxing Fights + lost 7 Boxing Fights

History of John Mugabi Boxing Career

Known as "The Beast" John Mugabi was born in March 1960 and is a former boxer and world Jr. Middleweight champ. In his professional boxing career, “The Beast” was progressively pitted against opponents of higher quality and pro boxers from the time he became a pro in Europe. Mugabi’s first fight was in Germany in early December 1980. Thereby he knocked out Oemer Karadenis of Turkey who had previously only won a fight out of three and had been knocked out in all the three that he lost. In February the next year, Mugabi was again in Germany in the ring with Italian- Giampaolo Piras. Piras’ record of 4 wins and 66 losses was remarkably unimpressive. By 1984, Mugabi was being matched with opponents with generally good boxing records. The ultimate opponent to the fight with Hagler was Earl Hargrove of the USA who a year ago lost in a bid for the vacant IBF light middleweight title. Hargrove had a record of 26 wins and that only loss to Mike Medal of the United States. The battle with Mugabi was in Tampa in Florida where Mugabi now resided and trained. Hargrove was knocked out in the first round, and by the time Mugabi was scheduled to fight Hagler, Mugabi had earned a record of 26 wins, no losses, and all the opponents had been knocked out.


John Mugabi Vs G Guiden
John Mugabi Vs J Nelson
John Mugabi Vs D Morgan
John Mugabi Vs W Johnson
John Mugabi Vs F Fletcher
John Mugabi Vs M Gonzalez
John Mugabi Vs M Hagler
John Mugabi Vs D Thomas
John Mugabi Vs K Brown
John Mugabi Vs G McClellan
John Mugabi Vs Wallace
John Mugabi Vs K Snow
John Mugabi Vs K Styles
John Mugabi Vs R Jacquot
John Mugabi Vs C Antunes
John Mugabi Vs T Norris
John Mugabi Vs J Williamson
John Mugabi Vs E Hargrove
John Mugabi Vs B Bradley
John Mugabi Vs C Parker
John Mugabi Vs J Green

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    The beast mugabi...i watched this set approximately 5 times what an awsome career set!!
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