Chris Eubank Boxing Dvd Career Set

Chris Eubank Boxing Dvd Career Set

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Boxing DVDs of Chris Eubank


Proudly presenting Chris Eubank Fights on Boxing DVDs.Chris Eubank known for his great boxing skills and larger than life personality. Chris Eubank treated fans with thrilling boxing fights throughout his career. Regarded as one of the greatest British fighters.These Chris Eubank Boxing DVDs is a must for all Boxing DVDs Collections.

Name: Chris Eubank
birth date : 1966-08-08
division: super middleweight
stance: orthodox
height: 5′ 10″   /   178cm
reach: 73″   /   185cm
alias: Simply the Best
country: United Kingdom
residence: Brighton, Sussex, United Kingdom
birth place: Dulwich, London, United Kingdom
birth name: Christopher Livingstone Eubanks
won 45 Boxing Fight + lost 5 Boxing Fights + drawn 2 Boxing Fight

History of Chris Eubank Boxing Career Set

Career Set of Chris Eubank born on 8 August 1966 is a former boxer and British celebrity who held world boxing titles at Middleweight and Super Middleweight. He was a world boxing champion for over five years and undefeated as a middleweight. Eubank made a clean start in New York, beating drug, alcohol and shoplifting addictions to go to church and school. In his spare time he trained at the Jerome Boxing Club on Westchester Avenue, following in the path of his boxing elder brothers back in England. Eubank became fanatical with boxing training and went to the boxing gym every day. He won the 1984 Spanish Golden Boxing Gloves Tournament. He writes in his autobiography that his force to succeed in boxing came through his drive to become an accepted personality, largely caused by one-sided bullying from his elder brothers. He made his professional boxing debut at the Atlantis Hotel and Casino against Tim Brown, shortly after his 19th birthday. About his next 10 boxing fights went largely overlooked, then in February 1989 he made brief headlines in defeating Jamaican Anthony Logan in an undercard match to a Nigel Benn-headlined show. Benn was perhaps the biggest rising star in European sport at the time and Logan had come closest to beating the power-punching Benn in what was Benn's most superb clash to date. Eubank had already made Brighton in England his adopted homeland and set his sights on Benn, believing he could beat him. After a string of striking stoppage victories following a dominant 10-round decision over American journeyman' Randy Smith, Eubank captured the WBC International title in 1990 against the useful Hugo Corti. Later in the year, he knocked out Renaldo Dos Santos in precisely 20 seconds (including the 10-count). Before long, he'd won the WBO World middleweight title against Nigel Benn  in a classic encounter. Eubank would defend the title successfully against Dan Sherry, fellow Briton Gary Stretch and finally in an excellent match with another fellow Briton, Michael Watson. This concluded Eubank's career as a middleweight. A rematch with Watson took place in September 1991 at which Watson suffered a near-fatal injury. Chris Eubank Career Set was last on all scorecards when he rose from the canvas at the end of the 11th round to let loose a devastating uppercut to Watson's jaw. Early in the 12th, Watson collapsed. His condition may have been worsened by delay in receiving medical attention. Chris Eubank Fight Collection contemplated quitting the sport. Eubank later reflected on the aftermath: "I lost my finishing instinct in the ring - I couldn't finish fights any more. However, I needed to work and so I carried on and I won most of my fights on decisions. And I blamed myself, after all, it was me who threw the punch."



Chris Eubank Vs Henry
Chris Eubank Vs Cannido
Chris Eubank Vs Brown
Chris Eubank Vs Parker
Chris Eubank Vs Burnett
Chris Eubank Vs Justin
Chris Eubank Vs George
Chris Eubank Vs Collins
Chris Eubank Vs Moro
Chris Eubank Vs Smith
Chris Eubank Vs Wisniewski
Chris Eubank Vs Malek
Chris Eubank Vs Camara
Chris Eubank Vs Melfah
Chris Eubank Vs Cronin
Chris Eubank Vs Corti
Chris Eubank Vs Contreras
Chris Eubank Vs Milo
Chris Eubank Vs Santos
Chris Eubank Vs Nigel Benn I
Chris Eubank Vs Sherry
Chris Eubank Vs Stretch
Chris Eubank Vs Watson I
Chris Eubank Vs Watson II
Chris Eubank Vs Malinga
Chris Eubank Vs Jarvis
Chris Eubank Vs Essett
Chris Eubank Vs Thornton
Chris Eubank Vs Gimenez
Chris Eubank Vs Holmes
Chris Eubank Vs Close I
Chris Eubank Vs Close II
Chris Eubank Vs Nigel Benn II
Chris Eubank Vs Rocchigiani
Chris Eubank Vs Storey
Chris Eubank Vs Wharton
Chris Eubank Vs Colins I
Chris Eubank Vs Godoy
Chris Eubank Vs Amaral
Chris Eubank Vs Schommer
Chris Eubank Vs Colins Ii
Chris Eubank Vs Barrera
Chris Eubank Vs Allacom
Chris Eubank Vs Barruetabena
Chris Eubank Vs Joe Calzaghe
Chris Eubank Vs Thompson I
Chris Eubank Vs Thompson Ii

Chris Eubank Boxing Documentaries

Clash Of The Titans – Boxing Documentary
The Best Of Enemies – Boxing Documentary
When Louis Met Chris – Boxing Documentary
Lennox Lewis Vs Chris Eubank Exibition
At Home With The Eubanks I – Boxing Documentary
At Home With The Eubanks Ii – Boxing Documentary

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    Parcel arrived today. Very impressed with the quality of fights. Good way to spend my weekend watching Eubank entertain. Loved the 2 fights against Benn and the documentaries are a real treat. Thank you

    Best quality Chris Eubank Career Set by far. I have tried to get good eubank DVDs and finally got them. thank you - Evan

    This guy is just unbelievable!! enjoyed this boxing career set!!! The documentaries on Eubank is sweet thanx!!
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