Brian Mitchell Boxing Dvd Career Set

Brian Mitchell Boxing Dvd Career Set

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Boxing DVDs of Brian Mitchell

Proudly presenting Brian Mitchell Fights on Boxing DVDs.Brian Mitchell is regarded as the greatest boxer to come out of South-Africa. One of the most memorable boxing fights was Brian Mitchell vs Tony Lopez where many believed Brian Mitchell was robbed however in the second fight Brian Mitchel won and proved his point.These Brian Mitchell Boxing DVDs is a must for all Boxing DVDs Collections.

Name: Brian Mitchell
Born: 1961-08-30
Nationality: South African
Hometown: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Boxing Record: won 45 Boxing Fights, lost 1 Fight  drawn 3
Height: 5′ 6½″   /   169cm

History of Brian Mitchell Boxing Career Set

Brian Mitchell Career Set is probably the best South African boxer of all time, Brian Mitchell won the WBA junior-lightweight title in 1986 and defended it a world record 12 times before retiring in 1991. A active fighter who persistently came forward, throwing a high number of punches, working both his opponent’s head and body, Mitchell won more than his fair share of fights that went the distance – seven of 12 in world title fights - but then his points’ victories were by and large unanimous and clear-cut. Mitchell always entered his fights in peak bodily condition, and it was usually this devotion that earned him his victories. He came out of retirement briefly in 1994, fighting once in that year and once in 1995, and winning both bouts, before calling it quits. Mitchell began his career in late 1981, winning his first three fights on points over four rounds in less than two months. By the end of November he had won five times, defeating Simon Zondo and then Mose Mthiyane on fourth-round knockouts. In 1991 Mitchell travelled to Sacramento to face local hero Tony “The Tiger” Lopez. In a hometown decision that surprised boxing experts, Lopez managed to draw with Mitchell. The South African boxer was exposed of his WBA crown for facing Lopez for the IBF title, and abruptly he found himself without a world title for the first time since 1986. However, he again faced Lopez in Sacramento in September, and on that occasion made sure of victory with a credible points win, claiming the IBF title in the process. He finished his career with 46 wins, a solitary loss and two draws. His 12 successful defences of the junior–lightweight title remain the record in that division to this day. In rankings based on the formula of “the man who beat the man”, Brian Mitchell Career Set was rated the world’s best junior-lightweight boxer from 1986 to his retirement in 1991. He proved his toughness by making 10 of his title defences on the road, and he proved his ability time after time when fighting for the world title.


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    The best Brian Mitchell boxing dvds online, Great job guys as Mitchell is one of my favorite local boxers of all time

    As a follow South African i can say this Brain is truely a legend, inspiring a lot of our boxers today. His legend will still go around for many years to come! I would really like to see a movie on his life story!!!

    was there ever a movie made about Brian Mitchell. Or even a documentary movie. Kind Regards Brian Holdsworth Email:
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