Alexis Arguello Career Set

Alexis Arguello Career Set


Boxing DVDs of Alexis Arguello

Proudly Presenting Alexis Arguello Fights on Boxing DVDs. Now is youre chance to own Alexis Arguello on Boxing DVDs. All DVDs come with video motion menus and fights are labeled onto the DVDs. Don’t settle for less do it right the first time and get it right here right now at BoxingRoyalty. Witness as Arguello goes to war with Aaron Pryor in one of the most memorable boxing fights of all time.


Name: Alexis Arguello
Alias:  El Flaco Explosivo
Birth Name: Alexis Argüello
Born:  1952-04-19
Died:  2009-07-01 (Age: 57)
Nationality: Nicaraguan
Hometown: Managua, Nicaragua
Boxing Record: Won: 82 Boxing Fights; Lost: 8; KO: 65 Knockouts; KO% 72.22
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5′ 10″   /   178cm
Reach: 72″   /   183cm

History of Alexis Arguello Boxing Fights Career Set

Alexis Arguello Career Set (born April 19, 1952) was one of the first few fighters to win titles in three weight divisions, and the first Nicaraguan to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, Alexis Arguello boxing fights were always action packed. He came from a environment of deep poverty. At 5-10, he was very tall for a featherweight. His height and reach provided him the kind of power that resulted in his awesome punching power. Besides his three championships, Arguello was a skillful boxer with a range of powerhouse punches, although he wasn’t a typical knockout artist. He would wait patiently for an opening and then strike with critical accuracy. Of Alexis Arguello 88 boxing fights, an amazing 64 of them ended in knockout victories. As a child, Arguello was a street fighter, and learned how to box from a family member in Managua. This gave him the chance to flee from the life of poverty he lived in Nicaragua. After leaving school at the age of 14 to train solely in boxing, Arguello turned pro at the age of 16 in 1968, fought only in his homeland until 1974, when he went to Panama to seek the World Boxing Association's featherweight title. Arguello lost this match in a 15-round decision to Ernesto Marcel. Later that year, however, he claimed the WBA title in a classic 13th-round knockout of Ruben Olivares. After four successful title defenses at featherweight, Arguello moved up to junior lightweight and knocked out Alfredo Escalera in another classic 13th- round knockout of their 1978 match to gain the World Boxing Council's (WBC's) championship title in that division. At the peak of Arguello's boxing career, political issues in Nicaragua came to a head. In 1979 civil war in Nicaragua culminated in the oust of the Somoza family. One of his brothers was killed fighting the Sandinistas, and Arguello, who was living in the United States, went to Nicaragua and fought briefly on the side of the Contras. He returned to the United States to continue his boxing career and, after eight junior lightweight title defenses, moved up to the next weight division; by defeating Jim Watt on a 15-round decision in 1981, he became WBC lightweight champion. At that point, Arguello decided it was time to move up again, and challenge for a 4th title belt in different categories. On November 12th, 1982, Alexis Arguello fought Aaron Pryor in The Fight of the Decade for the WBA junior welterweight title. At the time of the bout, Pryor was 27, and Arguello was 31, and age was beginning to show on Arguello. Pryor started off very strong and won the first half of the fight, but Arguello came back and dominated the middle rounds and had Pryor ready to go in the 12th round after landing a series of explosive right hands.In the 14th round, Pryor pounded Arguello at will and had him helpless against the ropes when the referee Stanley Christodoulou stopped the colossal battle. However, after the 12th round, rumors circulated that Pryor was given an illegal substance in a water bottle that led to him coming out like a rocket for the beginning of the 13th round. Arguello was later taken to the hospital after the bout due to the beating he had sustained.



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Alexis Arguello Vs Edwards
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Alexis Arguello Vs Olivares
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Alexis Arguello Vs Escalera I
Alexis Arguello Vs Escalera Ii
Alexis Arguello Vs Torres
Alexis Arguello Vs Riasco
Alexis Arguello Vs Palomeres
Alexis Arguello Vs Elizondo
Alexis Arguello Vs Aaron Pryor I
Alexis Arguello Vs Aaron Pryor II
Alexis Arguello Vs Ray Mancini
Alexis Arguello Vs J.Fernandez
Alexis Arguello Vs Ramirez
Alexis Arguello Vs Watt
Alexis Arguello Vs Hernandez
Alexis Arguello Vs V.Fernandez I
Alexis Arguello Vs V.Fernandez II
Alexis Arguello Vs Jefferson
Alexis Arguello Vs Chacon
Alexis Arguello Vs Leon
Alexis Arguello Vs Castillo
Alexis Arguello Vs Busceme
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    Great punching ability, and a very strong guy, not easy to last 12 rounds in the ring if you ask me! Awesome fighter with hard accurate punching and dedication....Love the all time classic Pryor vs Arguello.
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