Donovan Razor Ruddock Boxing Dvd Career Set

Donovan Razor Ruddock Boxing Dvd Career Set

Proudly Presenting Donovan Razor Ruddock Boxing Fights on Boxing Dvd
Name: Donovan Ruddock
Alias: Razor
Born: 1963-12-21
Birthplace: Saint Catherine Parish, Jamaica
Nationality: Canadian
Hometown: Weston, Ontario, Canada
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 6' 3?   /   191cm
Reach: 82?   /   208cm
Boxing Record: won 38 boxing fights (KO 29) & lost 5 (KO 4) & drawn 1 boxing fights

History of Donovan Razor Ruddock Boxing Career

Donovan Ruddock born December 21, 1963 in St. Catherine, Jamaica, also known as Razor Ruddock, was a Canadian heavyweight boxer. Donovan Ruddock was a talented Heavyweight of the early 1990s, who was known for a powerful left hook, which he called "The Smash". One of the best exhibitions of his left hook power was his brutal 1990 knockout of former heavyweight boxing champion Michael Dokes. Donovan Ruddock fought as a professional boxer from 1982 until 2001, winning the Canadian heavyweight boxing championship as well as other minor title belts. Although Donovan Ruddock is seen as an underachiever, at one time he was a feared heavyweight, and both Evander Holyfield and George Foreman refused to fight him. Donovan Ruddock also owned a win over Lennox Lewis in the amateurs. Early in his pro boxing career Donovan Ruddock picked up wins against Mike Weaver, James Smith, and Dokes to set up a 1991 bout with Mike Tyson. His first fight with Tyson was seen as a contentious ending by some, who argued it was stopped too early by referee Richard Steele. Donovan Ruddock had stunned Tyson in the 6th round of their fight with an uppercut. Tyson has repeatedly said that Donovan Ruddock is the hardest puncher he has ever fought. A rematch between Donovan Ruddock and Tyson was made in June, 1991 and Tyson again won the boxing fight, knocking Donovan Ruddock down twice en route to winning a decision. After losing to Tyson for the second time, Donovan Ruddock picked up victories over Greg Page and undefeated Phil Jackson, setting up a bout with Lewis, a fight which was seen as an elimination bout for the chance to face the winner of the upcoming Riddick Bowe vs Holyfield match. Many people predicted Ruddock would win, due to the fact that he was able to give Tyson trouble and Lewis' relative inexperience; however Donovan Ruddock was KO'd in 2 rounds by a disturbing hook from Lewis. Ruddock's last notable fight was against Tommy Morrison in 1995. Ruddock had Morrison down, and seemed to be close to stopping Morrison, but was caught by a clean left hook that he never recovered from, and was stopped in the 7th round. After the loss to Morrison, Ruddock continued to fight until 2001 and never lost a fight, but took on marginal competition.


Donovan Razor Ruddock vs Dave Jaco 
Donovan Razor Ruddock vs Al Houck
Donovan Razor Ruddock vs Mike Weaver 
Donovan Razor Ruddock vs Eddie Richardson 
Donovan Razor Ruddock vs Larry Alexander
Donovan Razor Ruddock vs Ken Lakusta 
Donovan Razor Ruddock vs James Broad 
Donovan Razor Ruddock vs James Smith 
Donovan Razor Ruddock vs Michael Dokes  
Donovan Razor Ruddock vs Kimmuel Odum
Donovan Razor Ruddock vs Mike Tyson I  
Donovan Razor Ruddock vs Mike Tyson II
Donovan Razor Ruddock vs Greg Page 
Donovan Razor Ruddock vs Phil Jackson
Donovan Razor Ruddock vs Lennox Lewis 
Donovan Razor Ruddock vs Anthony Wade 
Donovan Razor Ruddock vs Tommy Morrison
Donovan Razor Ruddock vs Rodolfo Marin 
Donovan Razor Ruddock vs Tony Larosa 
Donovan Razor Ruddock vs Derrick Amos 
Donovan Razor Ruddock vs Jose Ribalta
Donovan Razor Ruddock vs Harold Sconiers 
Donovan Razor Ruddock vs Egerton Marcus 
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    Great to see one of boxing's top stars of the 90's and revisit those memories, his fights with Dokes, Tyson, Page, Lewis, and Morrison were great and definitely worth the asking price, well done Boxing Royalty.
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