Carlos Monzon Boxing Dvd Career Set

Carlos Monzon Boxing Dvd Career Set


Boxing DVDs of Carlos Monzon


Proudly presenting Carlos Monzon Fights on Boxing DVDs.Regarded to be one of the greatest fighters to come out of Argentinia.Carlos Monzon held the middleweight title for many years and some believe he is in the top  five greatest middleweights of all time. He defended his worl titles 14 times.Carlos Monzon Boxing DVDs is a must for all Boxing DVDs Collections.

Name: Carlos Monzon
Alias: Escopeta
Birth Name: Carlos Roque Monzón
Born: 1942-08-07
Birthplace: San Javier, Santa Fe, Argentina
Died: 1995-01-08 (Age:52)
Nationality: Argentinian
Hometown: Santa Fe, Santa Fe, Argentina
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5' 11½?   /   181cm
Reach: 76?   /   193cm
Boxing Record: won 87 Boxing Fights (KO 59) & lost 3 (KO 0) & drawn 9 Boxing Fights 

History of Carlos Monzon Boxing Career Set

Carlos ''Escopeta'' (''Shotgun'') Monzon was an Argentine boxer who held the world middleweight title for 7 years, during which he made a then division boxing record of 14 boxing fight defenses. He was born in the city of Sante Fe and showed interest in boxing as a child. The start of his professional Carlos Monzon Boxing Career Set did not specify anything special as he lost 3 and drew 3 of his first 20 boxing fight bouts. Carlos Monzon kept making headway against local foes and built a amazing boxing record but since most of opposition was local, he was not given much praise. World middleweight boxing champion Nino Benvenuti was a 2 division boxing champ and had 2 wins in 3 boxing bouts with all time great Emile Griffith when Carlos Monzon Career Set got a chance at his first world title against him. Nobody anticipated Carlos Monzon to beat him yet he applied pressure from the start and in the 12th, a right hand landed flawlessly on Benvenuti’s chin and the titled changed hands in 1982’s Fight of the Year. Carlos Monzon would also beat him in a rematch where after only 3 rounds, Benevenuti’s corner threw in the towel.In his next fight, Carlos Monzon became only the second man to stop former three-time world champ Emile Griffith in 14 rounds, and later out pointed him over 15 rounds in a close fight. Carlos Monzon continued to defend his middleweight championships but in 1975, he was stripped by the WBC for not defending his title against mandatory Columbian challenger Rodrigo Valdez. Valdez would go on to win the WBC title while Carlos Monzon kept his WBA title and in 1976, they finally met in a unification boxing bout. Carlos Manzon’s brother had been shot to death one week prior to their fight and did not feel like fighting but still under contract, he had to take the fight. Carlos Monzon handed an uninterested Valdez a beating by a 15 round unanimous decision. Because of the conditions, an immediate rematch was ordered and this time, Valdez came out roaring dropping Carlos Monzon in the 2nd round for the first and only time in his boxing career. Carlos Monzon Fights however mounted a luminous comeback and outboxed Valdez to win a unanimous decision and retired a month later. Carlos Monzon was accused throughout his boxing career of domestic violence against his two wives and mistresses and of beating paparrazi. Carlos Monzon’s affairs were publicized by the paparrazi which led many of them to be hospitalized from the beatings suffered at the hands of Monzon. In 1988 Carlos Monzon was sentenced to prison for the murder of his wife and in a weekend furlough to visit his family and kids in 1995, he died in a car accident. He is buried at Cementerio Municipal de Sante, in Santa Fe, Argentina. A life-size figure of Monzon, wearing his championship belt, with his hands raised in victory, stands atop his grave. Carlos Monzon will always be remembered for what he has done inside of the ring, not outside. He set the standard for Latino fighters and their macho personalities. Most people call Argentina's former middleweight world champion Carlos Monzon the best 160-pounder in boxing history. Carlos Monzon himself said he was a better fighter at middleweight than was the legendary "Sugar" Ray Robinson. A arguable argument for another day, but what is sure is the fact that Carlos Monzon DVDs and Career Set at one time held the division record for most world title defences with14 in all. During this time, from November of 1970 to his final fight in July of 1977, "Escopeta" took on all comers - beating them all.
Carlos Monzon vs Nino Benvenuti I 
Carlos Monzon vs Nino Benvenuti II 
Carlos Monzon vs Emile Griffith I 
Carlos Monzon vs Claude Bouttier I 
Carlos Monzon vs Tom Bogs 
Carlos Monzon vs Emile Griffith II
Carlos Monzon vs Jose Napoles 
Carlos Monzon vs Tony Mundine
Carlos Monzon vs Tony Licata 
Carlos Monzon vs Jean Claude Bouttier II 
Carlos Monzon vs Rodrigo Valdez I 
Carlos Monzonvs Gratien Tonna
Carlos Monzon vs Rodrigo Valdez II
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