How can I contact you?
Click on the Contact Us button in the main menu
How many DVD'S are there in a Career Set?
It depends from Boxer to Boxer; however on average there are between 6 to 20 DVD'S per Career Set.
Does the Career Sets come with art printed DVD'S?
No we dont print onto the dvds; however we do label fights on to the sleeves where the Dvds are shipped in
Does the Career sets and DVD's come with menu's?
Yes all our sets and each DVD from does come with 3D musical menu's and all fights include chaptered rounds. All Boxing fights are in chronologiocal order.
How long does it take once I place my order online to receiving my order?
It usually takes up to 3 business days depending on the size of the order before we ship and courier your order. For domestic within South Africa, once we have shipped and couriered your order you will receive it within 1 business working day as we make use of a overnight counter to counter or counter to door courier service. Your order will be delivered overnight (Mon - Fri but excl. Sat) via the "To-Counter" or "To Door" service of Speed Services. This means that you will have to collect the parcel from the post office counter in your residential area if you selected the "To Counter" option. If you selected the "To Door" option the parcel will be delivered into your hands. You will be provided with an order tracking number to track your parcel which will be sent by email. International orders, depending on the Country, normally take 18-28 working days to arrive in your Country from the day it is shipped from us. Your tracking number will be emailed to you once the parcel has been dispatched.
Can I track and trace my parcel online or by telephone?
Yes you can as we provide you with a track and trace number once the order is shipped and couriered to you. You can track your order online or via telephone.
What payment options are there?
Payment options available: 1) All major credit cards 2) EFT = Online electronic transfer
How do I pay by Internet Banking or Cash?
When completing your order on the BoxingRoyalty website, select the pay via "EFT" option. You will then place the order and will receive a email shortly afterwards with BoxingRoyalty banking details. Transfer the outstanding amount via the Internet or pay it into the BoxingRoyalty bank account via cash. Fax the proof of payment to BoxingRoyalty at: 086-628-1008 or
How can I qualify for discounts and special offers?
By registering for our newsletter. This will enable you to qualify for promotions on a monthly basis. This will without a doubt boost your collection as we have amazing offers.
What if I want to create my own Boxing Set?
Sure you can. Visit the Special Sets menu from the home page and select the Custom - Made Boxing Set. Here you can select any 15 fights of your choice and then BoxingRoyalty will create this Boxing Set just for you.
How is the quality of the fights?
BoxingRoyalty believes in quality rather then quantity. There are at least three different footages on each and every fight in the BoxingRoyalty library, as a result BoxingRoyalty can ensure that you end up with the best quality fights. BoxingRoyalty only selects the best footages for the Boxing Sets that our Customers recieves from us.
Does BoxingRoyalty trade with other collectors?
If you have Boxing Career Sets that BoxingRoyalty does not have on the website,BoxingRoyalty will be thrilled to trade with you. Simply let BoxingRoyalty know what Boxing Career Set you are interested in by emailing us at
Download Career Sets
BoxingRoyalty is very excited to be the first to offer Download option on Boxing Career Sets.The wait is over.No shipping charges.Take your ringside seat and start downloading/streaming Boxing Career Sets.View the Boxing Career Sets on Smart Phones, PC, Notebooks, Televisions...the options are endless.Upon placing your order a download/streaming link wil be emailed to you within 48hours.If you choose not to download the Boxing Career Set immediately you can start viewing and streaming the Boxing Career fights immediately and download the Boxing Career Set when you are reay.
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